Stack Identity Demo – Revealing Identity and Policy Risks

Nov 15, 2023

See how the Stack Identity Platform reveals the details of every identity and policy and associated access risks of each.

For every identity and policy you will see its identity map, the risk score according to the proprietary Breach Prediction Index (BPI), resource permissions, and the activity log.

Identities are classified into human identities, app identities (machine identities), roles and federated identities. The Stack Identity Platform reveals:

  • The identity map showing the type of access it supports
  • The entities through which access is provided
  • Permissions provided, including which permissions are used and unused as well as details on the types of permissions – list, read, write, permission management, tagging and admin permissions.

The Stack Identity Platform’s identity view also shows additional identity and shadow access problems such as:

  • Is MFA enabled?
  • Is programmatic access enabled?
  • Is there console access?
  • Is it able to assume other role(s)?

The activity log shows all events such as event time, event name, associated User ID, event source and configuration change event.