Stack Identity announces Unified Identity Fabric to address Ransomware

Your Copilot to Solve Identity Security Problems

  • Provide 100% visibility of all Human & Non-Human identities through the Unified Identity Fabric
  • Automate 90% of Access Reviews and Identity Posture Risk
  • 100% Least Privilege Posture
  • Rightsize 100% of Overpermissioned Exposures

Shadow Access Risk Assessment

Shadow Access is invisible, unauthorized, unmonitored access that breaks Zero Trust. You need visibility of cloud identities, access permissions, policies and permissions to address Shadow Access.

Database Access Monitoring

Stack Identity’s DAM offering is engineered to continuously monitor, track and analyze access to databases in near real-time, ensuring integrity, confidentiality and security of valuable data.

Cloud Incident Preventor (CIP)

Stack Identity help our customers to manage Cloud Incidents by providing insights of, if they are already pwned or can be pwned in future.


Eliminate manual processes and automate audit and compliance to AWS FTR, HIPAA, CISA, PCI DSS, SOC2, SEBI, CIS and FedRamp.

What’s New?

Confronting Shadow Access Risks: Considerations for Zero Trust and Artificial Intelligence Deployments

“Organizations of all sizes are awakening to the realization that they have to reassess their Zero Trust posture as their once-secure foundations have quietly transformed into vulnerable ones,” said Venkat Raghavan, a lead author of the paper and Stack Identity CEO.

Shadow Access: Where IAM Meets Cloud Security

Learn the causes and impacts of shadow access on operations, governance, compliance, and zero-trust.




Realtime IGA

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

  • Connected context
  • Visibility and monitoring
  • Automated detections
  • Rightsize your cloud policies

Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR)

  • Reveal Identity Risks
  • Determine Threats
  • Remediate with Workflows

Cloud Identity Governance and Administration

  • Connected context
  • Instant access reviews
  • High-value data access reviews
  • Right-size policies


“The biggest risk to protecting cloud platforms, including AWS, is securing who has access to it, and in an overly-permissioned environment with multiple identities involved, data exfiltration can occur through multiple shadow access pathways. Continuous visibility with rich context is essential to empower security and engineering teams to audit, govern, and promptly rightsize access.”

Sean Ventura

Head of Security & Compliance, KinderCare

“The status quo of overly permissioned cloud accounts with long-standing privileges and static entitlements creates an environment where Shadow Access thrives. The Shadow Access research report brings a data-driven baseline to identify gaps in IAM governance and how best to rethink the governance process to effectively work in automated cloud-native environments.”

Ken Foster

VP of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance, FLEETCOR

“Our AWS cloud ecosystem is a mix of automated DevOps and manually managed infrastructure. “Stack Identity gives continuous visibility into our data exposure risks with the ability to automate least privileged enforcement for both our security and engineering operations teams.””

Steve De Jong

Distinguished Engineer, Vercara