See how Stack Identity eliminates Shadow Access,
the biggest challenge to Zero Trust

See how Stack Identity reveals current cloud identity and access risks and trends over time.

How to address Zero Trust by eliminating Shadow Access?


Who, How and What has Access to Your Data?

Visibility of Cloud Identities

  • Who and how many identities exist in your cloud environment? (Human and non-human?)
  • Which identities are regular users of systems and who are not?
  • Who can change permissions and passwords?

Stack Identity correlates scattered IAM data for a consolidated view of cloud identities and risks.

Visibility of Data Assets

  • Where are your cloud data risks and vulnerabilities?
  • What apps have access to what data?
  • What combinations of identities and access are an attacker’s top targets?

Stack Identity dynamically maps data risks based on the combination of configuration parameters, access permissions and network connectivity.

Visibility of Apps

  • Which applications have access to what data?
  • What does an application consist of and who has access to each application?
  • Do applications have automated capabilities to grant permissions to resources?

Stack Identity graphs cloud applications and the corresponding identities, users and groups and associated permissions and roles.


Empower Operations and Compliance Teams


  • How can you reduce the attack surface of cloud environments?
  • How many unused policies and permissions do you have?
  • Which policies can be removed?

See how Stack Identity helps operations teams with holistic visibility of unused policies and permissions.


  • What is your current adherence to compliance regulations?
  • Where are you failing with respect to different compliance regulations and why?
  • How can you remedy compliance problems?

See how Stack Identity helps compliance teams accurately and continuously assess adherence to regulations.


Continuously address risks of Shadow Access

Quantify and remediate cloud IAM risks to address Shadow Access, the biggest challenge to Zero Trust

  • Which identities and data assets are at highest risk?
  • How is my risk profile changing over time?
  • Where do I allocate my limited resources to reduce risk?

See how the Stack Identity platform enables analysis of identity and access risk and enables prioritized remediation of cloud security risks.

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