Stack Identity Announces Expansion of Its Identity-First Platform to Address Non-Human Identity Governance

Jul 2, 2024

Stack Identity, a leader in identity security, announces a significant expansion of its platform to include non-human identities. This enhancement addresses the growing needs of modern enterprises in managing and securing digital identities, thereby bolstering identity security posture, threat detection, and compliance.

“Bad actors are relentlessly targeting your identities, authentication processes, and IAM systems. Our platform correlates attacker enumerations and actions across IDP, cloud, SaaS, and databases to expose suspicious and malicious behavior, tackling the root causes of these exposures,” said Venkat Raghavan, founder and CEO of Stack Identity.

“The rise of the AI era has led to unprecedented data sharing through service principals, tokens, secrets and API keys creating significant challenges in governing non-human identities. The Stack Identity platform excels in seamlessly integrating human and non-human identities, recognizing that behind every non-human identity is a human who bears ultimate responsibility and accountability,” said Al Ghous, CISO and Advisor.

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Identity Governance: Stack Identity’s platform offers the industry’s first converged solution for identity security governance, integrating governance controls, workflows, access reviews, and certifications. This comprehensive approach reduces identity and entitlement sprawl, strengthens overall identity posture, and minimizes identity-related threats.

Enhanced Functionality:

Continuous Access Reviews and Certifications: Includes reviews for identity posture, IDP access, cloud, and SaaS admin access.

Governance Controls: Introduces new controls to manage privileged accounts, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Threat Detection and Access Graph: Features improved tools for monitoring SaaS entitlements, detecting identity threats, and visualizing access patterns.

Dynamic Credential Management: Replaces static secrets with dynamic credentials to enhance security and reduce exposure risk.

Lateral Movement Prevention:
Implements controls to prevent unauthorized lateral movement within networks.

Just-in-Time Access Controls: Converts static secrets and rarely used access to dynamic RBAC for improved security.

Specialized Campaigns: Supports critical access scenarios like GitHub collaborator access, PCI DSS 4.0 compliance, and third-party data sharing.

“With the surge in unprecedented data sharing, enterprises now face the challenge of managing massive entitlement sprawl as SaaS applications and customer data proliferate. Effective lifecycle management for non-human identities across cloud accounts has become essential. It’s impressive to see that Stack Identity’s platform now enables consistent management of both human and non-human identities,” said Steve De Jong, Distinguished Engineer at Vercara.

Company Growth and Deployment Success

Remarkable Customer Growth: Stack Identity has achieved a 500% increase in its customer base, reflecting strong market demand for its solutions.
Wide Deployment: The platform is now deployed across major enterprises in sectors including financial services, FinTech, cloud technology, and insurance technology.

About Stack Identity

Stack Identity is a pioneer in identity governance, offering innovative solutions to secure and manage digital identities across cloud and on-premises environments. The company’s Identity-First Governance platform helps organizations reduce risk, ensure compliance, and strengthen their security posture.