Shadow Access and Identity Security Office Hours

Interested in learning about Identity, Security, Shadow Access, Identity and Access Management? There are an alphabet of acronyms in cloud data security – CIEM, ITDR, ISPM, IGA, PAM, access governance and more. Confused about all these terms and how they relate to each other? Want to learn new concepts like Shadow Access? Sign up for office hours!

Shadow Access unauthorized, invisible, unmonitored, and unintended access risks to the cloud. It is a pernicious problem that breaks principles of zero trust and impacts cloud data security, compliance, and governance.

Join Venkat Raghavan every second Thursday of the month at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET to ask all your questions and learn more about Shadow Access and identity security.

Topics include the following, as well as open discussion of your specific questions:

  • The causes of Shadow Access and where to start
  • How to transform cloud IAM in your environment
  • Compliance and governance impacts of Shadow Access
  • How identity and access entitlements in the cloud break Zero Trust
  • How Cloud DevOps and process automation inadvertently creates data breaches and what to do about it
  • How solving the problem of Shadow Access prevents ransomware attacks
  • The intersection of Shadow Access with existing CIEM, Cloud IGA, PAM, Data Access Governance, Cloud Access controls

Meet Venkat Raghavan, Founder and CEO

Venkat Raghavan is the founder and CEO of Stack Identity, a Bay Area startup. He is an operator, builder, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of enterprise security software experience spanning big tech and start-ups. Venkat has held a variety of senior operational roles in products, research and development, general management, business, and corporate development. Venkat was a founding leader of IBM Security, senior vice president at Bluecoat, and a partner at venture capital firm BGV. His areas of expertise include Cyber Security, AI/ML, Cloud Native, and Data technologies. Venkat has spoken at many conferences including RSA and industry conferences. At his new startup, he is pioneering a new type of Data Security for the Cloud Native and the Data Native era.

The Shadow Access Impact Report highlights how cloud growth generates dynamically changing identities and access that impact security, compliance and governance.