Cloud Access Posture Management (CAPM)

Detect toxic combinations of identity, access and vulnerable data stores that can be weaponized to breach, exfiltrate and ransom cloud data. Risks are prioritized and remediation actions are generated to enable immediate action.

1. Visualize connected context

Via weaponized pathways by correlating identities (human and non-human), access, entitlements and governance events across all your cloud systems.

2. Automate detections

Identify toxic combinations and exploit pathways and prioritize for both risk and impact on your crown jewels.

3. Automate posture compliance

Continuously monitor cloud environments for policy violations to stay compliant with SOC2, FedRamp etc.

4. Remediate access posture

Generate policy-as-code to eliminate shadow access risks, right-size policy violations and implement just-in-time governance.

Extend Further: Extend access posture to bolster data security and data posture management. Take advantage of an open detection platform to develop and share custom detections.

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