Platform: IAM Data Lake

Stack Identity has an industry-first IAM Data Lake that consolidates intelligence for all things ‘access’ and operationalizes data security and IAM governance. By transforming IAM Operations, Stack Identity moves you from alerts to actions.

  • Consolidate multiple products – to a single source of truth for all things access. IAM data from all sources gives the connected context to transform cloud IAM operations.
  • Automated detections – across cloud data and identities identify toxic combinations, including change detections, chained access, and overprivileged, unauthorized, and invisible (shadow) access.
  • Open API platform – for easy customizations and analytics enables you to detect, remediate and govern what matters most to your business.
  • Extensible platform – for integrations into your multi-cloud environment.

Extend Further: Take advantage of our open detection platform to develop and share custom detections.

Our platform is built upon an IAM Data Lake to answer the most pressing security questions in your multi cloud environments
with speed and simplicity.

Baseline Your Cloud Inventory

For easy SOC2 and cloud compliance reports

  • Find your identities and roles
  • Find your data assets
  • Find your cloud infrastructure

Gain Continuous Visibility

For continuous cloud access audit and compliance reports

  • See which apps are being used
  • See which resources are being used
  • See what data is being accessed
  • See active identities and permissions

Uncover Vulnerabilities from Exploitable Access

For access posture management and continuous access governance

  • What application risks exist?
  • What data risks exist?
  • Who are risky access identities?
  • What are risky roles?

Prioritize and Remediate

To act quickly on what matters to your business and enrich your governance

  • Identify the most exploitable access paths
  • Which exposed EC2 instances are at the highest risk?
    Due to:
    • Pathways to sensitive data
    • Frequency of access
    • External exposure
    • Over-provisioned access
  • Action risky access and permissions quickly