Stack Identity Case Studies

Cybersecurity Risks Reduced and Opex/Capex Improvements


  • Cybersecurity Risk Reduced: Identified ransomware threat vector from identity access risks. Identify unknown machine identities that could disrupt security and audit processes.
  • Opex/Capex Improvement: Alleviated two headcount and sixty days of manual effort. Replaced existing CSPM & compliance (Prisma) tool that was unable to deliver necessary insights.

– CISO, Leading financial service provider in India

Cloud Service Management

  • Cybersecurity Risk Reduced: Definitively know how many identities exist and which identities have access to what in enterprise cloud environment.
  • Opex/Capex Improvement: Identified over 60% of existing identities that needed to be right sized and have access revoked.

– CISO, Service Management Software

Customer Engagement

  • Cybersecurity Risk Reduced: Consolidated and prioritized view of risks to cloud services hosting customer data within 60 minutes.
  • Opex/Capex Improvement: Automated prioritization eliminated manual labor needed to investigate alerts. Reduced capex and opex by removing existing security tool (Lacework).

– Head of Security & Compliance, Customer Data Management Software Platform

Digital Cloud Services

  • Cybersecurity Risk Reduced: Continuous visibility into data exposure risks generated by data sharing across accounts in the cloud data ecosystem and ability to secure source code / SDLC supply chain.
  • Opex/Capex Improvement: Give engineers control of security and automate least privileged enforcement for SecOps and DevOps.

– Security Service Leader, Digital infrastructure protection for thousands of brands